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Griffin Creek School District #2 was formed September 2, 1854. It has been called Van Dorn, Heber Grove, Enterprice, Rosedale, and finally Griffin Creek. This district encompassed a very large area until February 20, 1884, when it was divided into two districts - Griffin Creek and Medford School District.

Griffin Creek Elementary serves the southwest portion of Medford and surrounding foothills, a largely rural and semi-rual area. After a fire in 1969 destroyed a major portion of the school, it reopened a year later in its present shape. In 1982, the school had its existing gymnasium remodeled, a new gym built, and two new classrooms added. The summer of 1996 saw the building of five new classrooms on the site, which would allow for future growth as a result of a boundary shift. In the fall of 1997, Griffin Creek opened with approximately 500 students.

Situated on a site noted for its large playfields and beautiful plantings, Griffin Creek has one of the most tranquil settings in the district. Built on this 9-acre site in 1902, the school has seen fire, rebuilding, and numerous additions along the way.

Griffin Creek students attend McLoughlin Middle School and South Medford High School.

The school mascot is the Beaver.

The school colors are Orange and Black.

The school newspaper is Beaver Tales