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Located on West Second Street, McLoughin Middle School began as the district's high school in 1926 and was named for the leading figure in early 19th century Oregon Territory history, John McLoughlin. The school was converted to a junior high school when the current South Medford High School was built in 1931 and became a middle school in 1995.

Extensive remodeling and additions have been accomplished between 1996 and 1998 to meet the educational requirements of slightly over 900 middle school students. Elementary feeder schools are Griffin Creek, Howard, Jackson, Jacksonville, Jefferson, Oak Grove, Ruch and Washington.

Most McLoughlin students who live north of West Jackson Street attend North Medford High School, and those who live south of West Jackson Street attend South Medford High School.

The school mascot is the Bulldog.

The school colors are Black and Gold.

The school newspaper is the Jr. Quill/Mail Tri'bone