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North Medford High School accommodates 1800 students on a 56-acre campus in northeast Medford. In 1983 the school housed students in grades 11-12 and was called Medford Senior High School. With the completion of the remodeling of the Medford High facility on South Oakdale Avenue and the beginning of a second high school, it became North Medford High School in September 1986.

Composed of 11 separate buildings connected by walkways lined with columns, the school opened in 1967 after an expenditure of $2.5 million in bond issue proceeds. It has 71 classrooms, a gymnasium with a seating capacity of 3,000, and an auditorium that seats 800. A 100-seat planetarium is used to present the stars to the community as well as for student astronomy courses. The library holds 17,600 volumes.

The school mascot is the Tornado.

The school colors are Red and Black.

The school newspaper is Tornadia.