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B ooks and tools are considered one of the important things to look for in a used Ferrari. The toolkit is a rather expensive thing to replace and is something of a wonder to behold. When you unroll one you can almost feel the hands of the Old World Marenello employee who put each of the tools in their place. The truth of the matter is, though, that any 13mm wrench will fit the adjusters on the hand brake and a set of made in China sockets worked fine to change the thermostat when it wasn't opening all the way. I guess it's easier for me to feel this way as my car did not come with a nice set of tools stamped with the factory seal.
   The manual, on the other hand, has already proved its worth with me. I've had other manuals for cars but this is almost a Chiltons as well. It has instructions on how to do all but the more complicated services, a useful wiring diagram, operating instructions, and more. In a pinch it can also serve as a mini-course in learning Italian! 

Thanks to fellow GT4 owner, Robert Garven, you can now view the official updates sent to dealers when the Dino was rebadged as a Ferrari. They also include many changes and revisions to fix problems on early models.

Thanks to Dale Robley in Portland, Oregon I recently received reprints of a couple of articles on the GT4. Here's one from Autoweek featuring none other than another Ivory/black GT4. It's a rather large file but should be worth it.

Here's a reprint from Road & Track featuring a 1978 model. One thing to note on this is that the power was down about 40 horsepower from previous years due to emission control equipment affecting top speed and accelleration. There are three large files involved:
page one
page two
page three (with analysis chart)