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   1969 Cadillac DeVille Convertible
Convertibles have a magical way of transforming boring, mundane trips into an exciting way of travel and let's face it - there's little boring and mundane about the DeVille Convertible. When you get done with work for the day and go to your car to drive home just a flip of a switch will transform your commute and you will feel great about the drive. Other drivers locked inside their econoboxes will look over in envy as you whish by. Even other convertible owners will look over as you ride in the King of Convertibles.

This king, by the way, is nineteen feet long. Don't get the wrong impression, however, it is not difficult to drive. With the power steering and power brakes navigating the Cadillac through traffic is a breeze. Some may think that parallel parking would be a difficult task but I find it easier than many of my other cars.