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home Diary    57,644    10/24/97    
57,644 10/24/97

 12:08 a.m. Well, after our first 1,000 miles the car is back in working order! Stuck thermostat seems to be the culprit. Perfect night for it as well. The test drive was inconclusive except for the fact that it didn't lose control and the temp would come down. After bleeding out air numerous times (works better warm, with radiator cap off but not running) and refilling (it took almost another gallon after initial filling and running). The car runs like a champ. Granted, it wasn't hot out and it was mostly cruising around but it didn't even pass the 180 mark and this even in minor traffic or sitting. As for the evening it was Maria's and my first chance to celebrate the car - Dinner at Alex's in front of the fire, a movie at the Varsity (The Full Monty - British steel working strippers) and coffee and desert at the Bella Union (obligatory parking spot up front). Everything was just perfect, especially the temperature. Boy, am I relieved!

 57,684 10/25/97

 Morning trip to Ashland. Cooling seems to be working. Had coffee at Hardware Cafe (since my friend Orville was gone. Did have a hair in my sweet roll, though). When I came back out I did have a coolant leak on the ground that appears to be coming from the rear end of the tunnel. Jim (the mechanic) did say those clamps may not work since they have to be small enough to fit up inside. I will take it in next week. What a splendid drive, however! Crisp fall air, leaves on the ground, sun breaking over the hills and my motor purring behind me. Truly, a day made for a Ferrari!