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home Diary    11/11/97     57,895     
11/11/97 57,895

 The temperature seems pretty good now. Drove up to Buncum again. Great road! From Medford it's about an hour up and back via Griffin Creek to Poorman's Creek Rd. My dad and I replaced the license plate lights and cleaned the lenses and assembly. Talk about dirty! I almost thought the lenses were amber! I sprayed a little dow bathroom cleaner and the scrubbing bubbles cut through the grime in nothing flat. They still didn't work. It turns out there was a bad ground. We tapped into a ground spot in the top back left corner in the trunk. Now they work great. I also removed the left hi-beam bulb to replace it. Nice to just be puttsing around. They also found all my old models and returned them to me. Included was a 308 GTB, a F1 312T, a F1 Lotus 79, and the big Jag E-type .

11/15/97 58,001

 After a trip to Ashland last night and miscellaneous driving today it would seem that the temperature problem is resolved. It ran a little warm last night but after bleeding a fair amount of air this a.m. It is running at about 180-185 and is able to cool down after traffic stops. Revving at stop lights does bring the temp down as it circulates water more with the pump.

 I bought a new bulb for the high beam. Also checked on use of the county track at Karts Unlimited but it's a no-go. I could buy a Kart for $1,700 or $3,800 depending on shifter or not. Sounds fun!

11/16/97 58,052

 What a great car! After dropping the kids for their once-a-week church stop, Maria and I tooled out to Ashland on my favorite country road. Cool air, sun breaking through the clouds, fallen leaves being whisked around with a classic autumn breeze and dry asphalt rushing beneath my Cromadora wheels. Turned over another thousand on the odometer and put about 50 miles on today. We saw about 110 mph on the freeway today and both commented that 100+ mph isn't the big deal it used to be. Just after I remarked that I wasn't sure about the speedo we went by one of those stationary radar things that tells your speed. Being that we were surrounded by traffic we went back again after getting gas (the attendant said, "It's the first Ferrari I..." "Filled up?" I interrupted. "No, that I've touched.") It took a while for the radar thing to lock on but it showed me at 60 mph and my gauge indicated 64 mph. It was closer than I thought. The day was finished off with parking up front at Starbucks and watching people look at the car and then a trip to Costco for hot dogs. Now, after we're home the rain has started to fall as it threatened all day. It's nice when the Ferrari Gods smile on us!