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home Diary     12/18/97     58,637    
12/18/97 58,637

 Not too much to add. Since the last entry I've had some nice drives and found some new info. First the drives- Last Saturday motored off to breakfast with friends. I hadn't really driven it much the week before and it felt so good that driving home didn't seem right. I would have been happy going to San Francisco or whatever. As it was I just meandered through town to hook up with my Buncum drive. It has one of the nicest collections of curves around. At about 40-45 minutes round-trip it is also just about the right amount of time. The amazing thing was that it added up to 70 miles. Sunday we dropped the kids at church and motored off to Gold Hill, along the Rogue River (unfortunately, with traffic ahead). Then through Sams Valley and back towards town. We pulled up at the church just before their class let out. Talk about timing. Then, a little more driving and when we pull in it's another 70 miles that have gone by.

 I am trying to keep the gunk from building up on the back of the car. It seems that due to aerodynamics it builds up back there until there's a film. Meguires cleaner, polish, then wax takes care of it. I'm trying to was it more, especially after drives in the wet. We'll see.

 The heater isn't working but a few moves back and forth opened it up making the drive much nicer. It still doesn't work all the time but it's nice to know it's just the valve. I guess I need to replace it.