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home Diary    1/19/98    
It has been pretty dreary here, weather wise, a fact I had counted on to keep it parked. Not that there have been no developments. In fact, kind of a red-letter week in that my new plates arrived. Turns out hey had been delivered to the wrong address sometime in December. I can't quite bring myself to put the plate on the front as it will detract from its clean lines. I did clean the remnants of what appeared to be silicon glue from the previous plate. I'll keep it in mind if I do decide to attach it.

 I did take it to school Friday to take some students who had received rewards to lunch. It had been raining quite hard and when the kids went to get in on the passenger side they were standing in mud. They tried wiping them but when they get in one left a smudge of mud in the carpet in the front and the other marked the seat in the rear. Sure, it will wash out but kind of makes me disinclined to use for this. They did enjoy it, though.

 I did update my web-site with more pictures, including some Miles sent me from when he toured the factory in 1980 and snapped a shot of a GT4 on the assembly line. I also added the pictures I got back from Costco - they turned out great - that foggy morning on the way to Ashland where the clouds parted with just the first glintings of sunrise. It was a moment of stunning beauty. Not only was the background (pear orchards) and the lighting great but I found what I think is the most pleasing angles. Drove to Grants Pass today and could have kept going - just great.