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home Diary    59,198     1/29/98    
Well, I had to drive the Ferrari to work today - but that's getting ahead of things - here's the story (not a huge one but it will have to do for now).

 You see, I've been losing air out of the left rear tire. In fact, it was leaking air when I bought the thing but it was kind of a once a week or even two week thing. Nothing to get excited over. I had meant to take it in but it wasn't a major problem so I waited. Then the air started leaking out a little quicker. Kind of an every couple of days thing. I had a little air pump I kept in the trunk so I was kind of in the habit of pumping it up more regularly. Finally fed up with it I thought "why not just pop it off during my lunch hour and drop it at Les Schwab's which is like a block away from work?" So I get home, eat the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I'd forgotten on the counter, put on a work sweatshirt and headed for the garage.

I was glad that I'd cleaned the jack kit and used this opportunity to use it. Jack under, turn the crank, loosen the lugs, jack up more, take off wheel - no problem. Five minutes in and out. I wash my hands, throw the tire in the Suburban and get ready to go back to work. I jump in, turn the key and rattle, clackety, whir. Sounded like the starter was done but it could be battery. I don't know. Now do I put the Ferrari wheel back on or use the spare? If I put the same wheel on I'll have to leave the car - Hmmm - easy decision. Get the spare out - mount it, drop the car, put the other wheel where the spare goes and guess what? There's a difference between a 60 series and a 70 series tire. It goes in but I have to push to get it in and it still isn't in all the way. The bonnet doesn't quite close so I just leave it up a little bit and head off.

At Les Schwab's the guy is obviously impressed. He has to help me out as it is wedged in now. I ask if he wants me to leave my name or anything. "No, I'll remember." I guess it will be the only Ferrari wheel he sees today. I stopped by after work and he can't find it at first but then he comes with it. "Do I owe anything?" "No, no charge." I get home, put it on and ready to roll. Now I have to drive it... oh darn!