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home Diary 56,624     10/3/97    
Solo drive back to the hotel. I followed Jaan's directions to the freeway - down Oakland to the on-ramp, stay right and 880 S will take off from there. I was still getting used to the clutch but it goes fine. On the freeway at about 5:45 p.m. - Friday - rush hour, construction - but life is fine. Cruising along I notice the red light in the fuel gauge blinking at me. I don't want my first experience to be running out of fuel on the freeway so I take the first exit. As I stop and look around I notice that I've gotten off in an area that less than desirable. No gas stations are in sight but walking my way is a gang of Latinos. I quickly decide that getting back on the freeway is my number one priority so I get back on the first onramp I see, Northbound. I go a little ways and get off in an industrial area and find a way back on the southbound. I checked the gauge and it is just slosh that's making it blink. I decide it'll make it. I take the Hegenberger exit and edge through some slow traffic until I get to the first gas station and fill up. I'm getting lots of looks which seems like something I'll need to get used to. After the fuel stop it's to the hotel for the family. It's so nice to be off the freeway!