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home Diary     57,047     10/7/97    
I drive it around the valley and try a morning route out Biddle, through Central Point, out to Old Military Rd and back by school. It's about a 30 minute drive and enough time to reach operating temperature with both oil and water. I go through this tank in just a couple of days. The first day of having it at school is a little nerve-wracking but it gets easier. The kids like it.

 57,201 10/7/97 Gassed up again, 154 miles, 12.8 gallons and 12.03 mpg at the E. Main Bi-Mor.

57,332 10/10/97 Drove out to Ruch today and back through Jacksonville. Having trouble again selecting reverse. Start getting into the habit of leaving it there when needed. Yesterday and today- went over car with Meguires cleaner, polish and carnuba wax. It really helped clean up and shine especially rear end and top which seemed grimy.