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home Diary    57,332     10/11/97    
6:42 am - to Ashland for coffee with friends. 57,348 - 7:02 am - Overheat in Ashland. Yeah, cold, rainy and on the freeway - prime conditions to overheat. Actually, just got off and slowed through Ashland but really now. There was a bigger puddle under the car this am but looked like it was from the rain. 57,350 arrive for the coffee at about 7:20. 8:30 to 8:57 - to Phoenix for gas.

 57,361 10/11/97 13.614 gals, 11.75 mpg. Oil down but not quite warm yet.

 57,377 10/11/97 oil down a little over add mark. add 1 quart but will wait till warm. Bought a case of oil this am. I looked several places but finally found it at Performance Autosports near my school at $1.89 a quart. Jaan said he paid about $3 a quart. (oil type Kendall GT 20-50)