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home Diary    57,409     10/21/97    
Well, I took the car in last Thursday for the repairs. That makes it one week with the car and one without. They looked at it and told me they could not remove the old pipes in one piece unless they cut the frame member that's in the way. They suggested using something flexible (like Jaan suggested) to go through the tunnel What they came up with was this high pressure hose that's used in fire engines. It was kind of spendy but cheaper than the stainless steel braided lines they were considering ($80/foot!). I picked up the car yesterday and they showed me the old pipes that they cut out a foot at a time. You could see the marine epoxy on the bottom and the holes that had developed. The coolant had worked its way under the epoxy lifting it and finding a way out. They said that with the coolant passing opposite ways in the separate tubes electrolysis developed corroding the aluminum. I grabbed a couple of chunks of the old pipe and a chunk of the new stuff. They said (Richard, who did it) that they used small pieces of the aluminum pipe to join them together plus a piece of formed radiator hose to make the turn in the back. Regular hose clamps in front and a different clam in back. He told me to bring it in in a week to check it out. John said the cv boot looked OK to him and that he wouldn't worry about it. The grease that had been thrown was probably from excess when it was installed. I picked up the car yesterday at lunch and left the Cadillac on their lot. I drove it a little bit and then back to work. It was nice to be driving it again. After school we had our last football game so I drove over to Safeway for some pop for half time. The kids all got to see it then and were impressed. They loved it! After the game it was home for dinner and then a drive. We headed up Lone Pine rd (watch out for the big pothole next time!) and out to North Phoenix rd. As we approached Phoenix the temp started climbing. I had noticed it was already running 5-10 degrees warmer than usual, a fact I attributed to the loss of cooling the aluminum pipes may have provided plus the mixture of more anti-freeze vs. water. But now it was climbing past the zero in 90 c. I slowed an turned back for home figuring I'd rather overheat a little closer to home. I had to pull it over by Ruhl park and let it cool down. But after a short break it restarted and cooled down quickly. We then decided to drive around and see if would heat again. Through town, back out N. Phoenix Rd, a simulated traffic stop in the Pear Tree lot, back to Medford, through town, freeway to Talent, highway back to Medford and it's doing fine. We figure it's cured and head home. Then, going down Biddle it started overheating by Dairy Queen (guess those Blizzards weren't cold enough). We were getting used to this now. Pull over, cool off, head home - just a few blocks now. Get home and it wants to heat again. Being that there were many times the temp would go up and then come back down it was clear the fans were working. It could be a stuck thermostat or the fans not working. I like to put in one of those free-flow thermostats anyway so I'll check into that.

I did drive it again today and found it did fine but conveniently started warming up n my driveway. A quick check up front revealed the fans to be quietly resting just waiting to be called to action. Looks like a fan problem. Guess it works sometimes - could be a loose connection - I'll hunt it down now!