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home Diary    57,513    10/22/97    
Yesterday I was able to hunt down the wires. First, I checked at the temp sensor which had a wire with a semi-loose blade connection (at least it came loose easy). It was at this point I realized that getting it back on would not be easy. I tried reaching every way I could but about the best I could do was get one finger on it. I was able to get it on once but it wasn't very tight. So, I decided to get to it the easiest course would be to remove the front lid. Four bolts later and with some help from my wife it came off easily. Set it on some towels on top of my Cadillac and then I was able to reach the switch. After tightening the connector with some pliers I was able to get it back on solid. Then, with help again I got everything back together.

 We road tested it and it worked fine until parked in the driveway when it started to heat up and the fans didn't kick on. I did not have it licked.

 In between the fix and the road test I called Jaan. He was glad to hear from me. He was glad to hear I had the pipes fixed and was glad to know about the fire-truck hose in case he needs something similar. He said that removing the lid was the easiest way to get at the sensor. He also suggested replacing the thermostat with a Robert Shaw balance sleeve thermostat. Said to take out the old and try to match one at a parts store. I also asked about wiring it so both fans would come on with the AC switch. He said that it would need to be jumped at the relay. On his 246 he put a switch on the fans (probably by-passing the temp switch). He said there was a relay panel under the footwell on the passenger side. We talked about replacement cars and he is looking at a 250 GTE or a C4 (365 GTC/4).

I took the panel off and sure enough there's lots of neat relays in there for just about everything. I looked at the wiring diagram in the manual and could see that the AC relay (#99) has a jumper from post #87 to the #87 post on the right fan (#29). Looked like a wire run to the left fan #87 post would turn both fans on with the one switch. I asked the electrics class teacher if I was reading the diagram correctly and he said yew - it looked like it.

 So, today after school I made a shore wire that threaded through the hole on #87 on each relay which is held in place by plugging the relay back in. Key on, turn switch and look up front. Both fans turning - it works! Still need to figure out the real problem.

 I did post it on the Internet and got several replies. One said that they had similar problems and corroded fusebox connection and fan connectors was it. Cleaned up it was fine. Another said theirs was a bad temperature sender switch. A third said bleed the air from the lines as it will prevent good contacts at the switch and cause cooling problems. I did go to GI Joes and bought some more Prestone and a tester. Letting it sit and warm up in the garage was inconclusive as to if the fans were working (to reduce temp) or not. Both were spinning, though.