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75 Mercedes Benz

would you like real leather or Mercedes leather?



Reading these brochures is like traveling back to a different era!

Terms: preferred payment by PayPal but money orders will work. Careful shipping will be provided for $3 for the US and other areas will be calculated according to actual costs. Winning bidder to resolve sale within 10 days.

This brochure is one of many I collected in my youth. I spent many hours riding my bike around town and pestering my parents to take me to car dealers when we went on trips. Some dealers were understanding and told me to take what I wanted while others gaurded theirs more fiercely. The Chevrolet brochures were easy and, yes, I still have some on such things as Vegas and Monzas but the prize possessions many times required greater stealth. As a result I often made off with the bigger, glossier brochures probably meant only for display but how was I to know? Some meant a drive to the next town and others involved mailing the importers, disguised as an older male as only mail can do. Many times replies would come back with nice brochures and an offer of a test drive. If only they had known I didn't even have a license! The best had to be Rolls Royce who at one time ran an ad with an 800 number for a free brochure. I called about once a month and still have several pristine copies and the envelopes they came in. Some brochures I can't bear to part with yet. There's still something too special about the Maserati Bora and Merek brochure and, of course, the Ferrari ones. Nothing ignites the heart like a Ferrari and these little papers did eventually lead to my own. Who would have thought that a young boy's dream could go so far!

so dream a little and bid free from worry!

The Mercedes dealer was in Grants Pass and we had to travel there on occassion just so I could get my brochure. I don't think my dad minded looking at new Mercedes, though! Since I was grabbing brochures I needed this one. Who would have thought I would eventually sell it to actually move to Europe (and no, I don't expect the bidding to go that high!)

Funny, as I sit writing this, the 75 280c my neighbor borrows sits with its radiator out as he tries to replace the water pump. If anyone knows how to do it I'll include free shipping! It's even the same color as the one here!

Buy it and I'll include the euro delivery brochure as well!

These brochures have all remained in my attic, filed in order, with care, protected from the elements and will be shipped in a protective manner.