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Vintage Pan
Hollow Body Guitar



The condition of this guitar is excellent except for a couple of rubs!

The pictures are pretty good but I was amazed when I actually started looking closely at it for this ad. Its red finish has held up extremely well and aside from a place where someone was etching some id number and a rub spot on the bottom it has almost no marks on it at all! It is shiny and though some of the gold-plate finish is rubbing off it really looks good.

I will be sure to ship it well and even remember to loosen the strings and carefully pack the pegheads before it leaves. I also won't spare those little white peanuts. It does not come with a case.

Terms: preferred payment by PayPal but money orders will work. Careful shipping will be provided for the actual costs for the US or international. Winning bidder to resolve sale within 10 days.

If you're a guitar collector there's a chance that something like this is hard to find. It is an unmodified, very good condition and all original Pan hollowbody guitar that was a decent copy of the classic Gibson model. This was the first of the Japanese invasion that I remember so well in the mid-seventies. At the time, we looked down at these with scorn. I ended up with my own Guild Starfire V and a Starfire II bass, both of which I wish I still had today. Instead, I have ended up with the immitation. I must have done something bad!

The strange thing is, though, as I look at new guitars this one actually has so much to offer. It has the classic dual-humbuckers and the hollow-body to recreate the sound that you can only get with an original. These pickups actually are a bit muddy in sound which makes it perfect for achieving a classic blues or jazz sound. Pump in some distortion and flip the toggle and you are sounding like a surfin' safari. Even with my digitech rp2000 I can't quite get the warm sound this thing makes plugged in straight to my little practice amp.

So whether this is to fill the hole in a great seventies collection or to modify to more modern standards this thing will be sure to do the trick!