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home The Dream
I guess a lot of boys dream about owning a Ferrari. I used to buy Road & Tracks and read the tests of the newest and the fastest cars. Then there were the brochures. I collected brochures on as many different cars as I could. I would drag my parents to Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo whenever we'd visit Portland from our little town of Medford in Southern Oregon. I even saw a 308 GT4 on one of those visits. Unfortunately, they did not have a brochure on the new models only an old one on the 1967 model year. On the front was a picture of the 330 GTC. On the back were pictures and specifications of the GTC, the 330 GTS, and the 275 GTB. I've seen the brochure itself advertised for more than $400!

In my quest to get more I typed letters to send to importers in North America. These brought in more brochures from manufacturers like Lotus, Morgan, Maserati, and Ferrari. For the price of a stamp the mailman would bring large manilla envelopes full of pictures, article reprints, brochures and usually a nice letter thanking me for my inquiry and offering a test drive. If only they knew I was too young to drive.