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home The First Time
Ever since I've had a license one of my favorite pastimes has been test driving cars. Even in high school I would go drive Cadillacs and the like. This summer I had decided to replace my classic 1969 Cadillac DeVille convertible with something sporting. I tried a Porsche 911SC Targa and figured that they would be in the price range I would be considering. The particular one I drove had the bad habit of dying at idle which made the test drive less than pleasant. It did feel like a sports car but still a little different. The pedals went the wrong way and it felt a little like a big, sporty Volkswagen. It was fun to drive but still not overwhelming.

It was about this time that a 1978 308 GTS showed up at a local Ford lot. Here was my chance to drive my first Ferrari. It was a decent car but had no records, 60,000 miles and was Mink Brown with Brown interior. My wife went along for the test drive and I was fully prepared to be dissappointed. It was, after all, just a car and could never match up with "dream car" status.

I was wrong.