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home The First Time continued
Starting its motor set all its valves and gears rushing around producing a melodic sound. Those four Weber carbs hissed as they sucked fuel into their big throats. My wife and I buckled up and started off the lot. Easing off the stiff clutch and manouvering around the Acuras and Ford Trucks onto the highway was quite an experience. Shifting through the gate wasn't a problem but shifting smooth sure was. But I was running it through the gears letting the engine rev its way up was spectacular. Any thought of being dissappointed was instantly erased. The Ferrari was like driving a car just as it should feel. The view was spectacular with nothing but road in front of you. It gave a wealth of confidence that it would do whatever you wanted and not let you down, you could take it to the edge and it may get loose in the rear but not unpredictably so. Most of all there was the sound of the motor just behind your head making one of the greatest sounds. I loved it.

I came back and drove it again a couple weeks later. This time the salesman was a younger guy. Afterwards he asked what I would pay for it. They wanted $27,000 but hadn't been able to sell it. I didn't have the money and this wasn't a car I would buy anyway. He asked what I would pay anyway. I had been looking at prices and figured that $21,000 would be a bargain price. He asked the boss and the answer was yes. But no records, too many miles and due for a major service meant that it was better to pass. But I did start looking.