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Note: I've significantly reduced the number of links on this page to make them somewhat more meaningful. Here's some of the more useful pages to owners and enthusiasts.
The Ferrari List
This is the home page of the Ferrari List which is a group of several hundred enthusiasts who enjoy Ferrari and discuss the different aspects of ownership as well as many other topics. Information on subscribing can be found here and is recommended for anyone considering purchasing a Ferrari. Please read the FAQ before joining. Thanks to Steve Cook for this invaluable service.
The Ferrari List Searchable Archives
Ever wonder how to rebuild the window motor on a 308? When's the right time to check the oil? What to look for before you buy? It's all here. Every topic that's come up in this active mailing list can be found here with a simple search or two. Page and search engine supplied by Dave Quick.
Steve Jenkins Ferrari Club Page
This page is actually the online headquarters of the Ferrari Club's Northwest Region but it's current owner has added great amounts of information including several new FAQs covering all kinds of different topics
Ferrari 308 FAQ
Good source of information for 308 owners culled from discussions in the Ferrari group listserver.
 A Ferrari Links Page
This page was put together by fellow lister Aaron Jenkins who kindly mentioned my site as one of his favorites! This list was featured in Forza magazine and includes many worthwhile links (and is the main reason I have reduced mine!)
Edvar van Daalen's Ferrari Page
A very devoted fan with a rather large collection of links and stories. He is also a collector of serial numbers and is a wealth of infomation on model history.
Automotive Forums at
Automotive forums, a resource on new and used cars, repairs, and parts. Free registration.


Here are a few of my favorite links...

As a motorsport enthusiast I have a few regular haunts on the Internet and would just like to point out some of the better content available.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans 1970 in a Ferrari 312P by Tony Adamowicz

Need a new use for an old potato? Creative uses for drills in race cars? Read this first-hand account of a Ferrari drive at Le Mans and see that professional racing is not always that glamorous.
What? you don't have Speedvision? You like cars? or boats? or planes? Then you want Speedvision. Here's there website including an online schedule.
Le Mans 24 hour information at Club Arnage
Le Mans is one of the greatest races in the world and a big part of Ferrari history. Find out more about this great race at this premier site.

Grand Prix History

Excellent and informative site detailing the history of the sport as well as biographies on key drivers and other important races like the Mille Miglia and Targa Florio.
ITV Formula One
Home of the TV and Magazine specialists from GB. Current news, pictures, wallpaper, etc.