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State of the Art for 1975

Even today, after more than a quarter century, the GMC Motorhome shines above even modern motorhomes. Still, the only motorhome designed by a major manufacturer, the GMC shows thought and design that transcends generations. Combine the driveability that comes from the Tornado-based drivetrain with the careful interior layout and you get a traveling experience that offers comfort no matter where your destination lies.


More than an RV -

Bought with a mere 25,000 miles on the odometer, this motorhome has been more of a friend or obseesion than merely a recreational vehicle. It has wandered between GMC rallies and seminars and has seen a wealth of additions and meticulous care.

Oil changes, lubrication schedules, and all maintenence has been carried out with undying precision. You will be hard pressed to find a coach more loved or better maintained.