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So that's about it. They are great cars but they have a way at keeping you busy. There is a bright side to older exotic cars like this one. Even though they are complicated machinery carefully engineered to deliver great handling and speed they are remarkably simple by today's standards. There are no computers measureing airflow or temperature. Though hard to adjust, the four carburetors are not complicated. There are no grease fittings underneath so changing the oil is just 13 quarts of your favorite stuff and the oil filter is right on top and easy to get to. Doing any work underneath means elevating the car (unless you can slide under less than 5 inches of clearance) but then it's pretty straight ahead stuff. If you are on the interenet there is a lot of help out there in the Ferrari listserver and the Ferrari Club of America offers regional get-togethers, newsletters, track days and more.

Bottom line? If you've ever dreamed of owning a Ferrari stop dreaming and start working towards that goal. After all, you only go around life once and if you go faster you can cover more ground.