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The 308 GT4, like any Ferrari, shares in the legacy of the finest sporting traditions in the world. Its motor, a 3 liter double overhead cam, is directly descended from the Formula One motor that propelled John Surtees to a World Championship in 1964. Driven by separate cam belts and fed by four Weber carburetors the motor produces 240 horsepower at 6600 rpm in its US trim. It is, in fact, this powerplant that really sets this Dino apart from its predecessor. On paper the V6-powered 246 is very close in performance figures to the 308 and betters it in some areas. Owners who have experienced both models, however, remark that going from the 246 to the 308 is akin to stepping into a Corvette. The eight cylinder powered car produces its power at a more useable range making everyday driving a more enthralling experience. The motor produces a sound unique among other sports cars. While the Cobra and its big block cousins shake the ground with their low rumble the Ferrari fills the air with a melodic song unlike anything else.