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home Value and Practicality 
People react very differently to the car. There are those, especially little boys and older men, who show excited enthusiasm and will point and jump at the sight of a Ferrari. Other people look upon it as the ultimate extravagance. It's possible that co-workers who seemed so nice no longer talk to you and while they'll look at a friends new pickup they won't step near your new Ferrari. Women usually don't look at all.

Most people think of Ferraris as tremendously expensive but many people spend the same amount of money on lesser cars. A new Honda, Toyota, or Nissan can cost as much or more than a good GT4 but when you figure the cost of depreciation things narrow out quite a bit. GT4s sold new for about $27,000 more than 20 years ago and now go for a few thousand less than that. A new SUV will cost more than that and will lose $10,000 in 10 years at least. Now, of course you shouldn't buy a Ferrari as an economy measure but there are few things that give as much joy fetching a gallon or two of milk than a Ferrari.

A useable trunk is one of the nice features of the GT4