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The Ferrari 308 GT4 is the least expensive way to get into the Ferrari experience. This site is devoted to this "enty-level" car and those that own and drive them. Here you can read about the car, find out how I came to own it, discover what's involved in converting a GT4 to a race car, and take a look at other peoples GT4s. I hope this site will be informative, enjoyable, and help lead some prospective owners towards their goal. 

NEW! Read the account of the only factory-entered 308 GT4 Le Mans Car! Or read Sam Posey's account of what it's like to drive a Ferrari at 
Le Mans. 
If you are looking for a different perspective, try Tony Adamowicz rememberance of his Ferrari drive at the 1970 Le Mans

 Take a look at the Dinos at the 1998 Concours Italiano! 

Get your own GT4 with this for sale ad.

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