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home Ferraris and Tigers and Shelbys, Oh my! 
We had a spectacular drive down to Reno in our 6 series BMW. High-speed luxury touring through a curvy road early in the morning was great. We left early and got to Virginia City before they had starting doing the Saturday practice runs. A nice spot on the hill, clear skies, and a blue-bellied lizard we caught made for a perfect scene. Our kids started collecting things from the hill and my wife and I watched the cars. We saw several GT4s and they sounded great. Lots of Magnum P.I. cars and lots of red. But no Ivory and Black GT4 to be seen. I did talk to a couple of guys and told them I was shopping for a GT4. They knew of one for sale, a guy in Berkeley, nice car - it's Ivory and... "Yeah, it's Jaan's car, I know. He's not sure he's going to sell it now." They knew Jaan and like anybody else that knew him said he was a nice guy. One of them had gone to high school with him. I told them that if they saw him to tell him some guy from Oregon is looking for him.

We check out the staging area again on Sunday. No Jaan. So we go back up top, walk a little through Virginia City, come back and cruise by the staging area again. My wife spots the car. He's here somewhere. At this point I've talked to several people that knew Jaan and everyone had two things to say about him: 1) he's a nice guy and 2) he's a tall Rock & Roller dude. So as I'm walking up the hill I know what I'm looking for. Spotting him was easy. I introduced myself and the wife and kids. We chatted and then went to look at the car. Maria said she'd wait there with the kids.