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A striking difference between this car and its shorter stablemates is the level of comfort within. Granted, this Ferrari is no luxo-tourer like the 400A or the 456. Compare it to the GTB or the 246 and you can begin to appreciate what a few inches can mean. The GT4 is 3.5 inches taller with a wide-opening door making ingress/egress a much simpler task. With the extra space behind the front seats the car feels roomier as well. The driving position is typical Italian elbows and knees out with the wheel well forcing your feet to the middle. There's a nice dead pedal and the brake and throttle are well suited to heel and toe driving. Ferrari aficionados will appreciate the fact that Enzo himself determined the arrangement for the interior. Marcello Gandini, chief stylist for Nuccio Bertone, remembered it this way, "Because Ferrari was against a longer wheelbase that comfortably housed four seats, we prepared a mockup with pedals, four seats and an engine. This mockup could be made longer or shorter using a hydraulic pump so Ferrari himself could decide on the pedal's position and the interior space, thus obtaining a wheelbase as short as possible."