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This left little room for the back seats and there is much discussion as to whether the second 2 shouldn't be more like 2 x .65 or something of that nature. In practice the rear seats are well suited to children making the car a wonderful Family Ferrari. Even larger people can ride in the back providing the front seat passengers cooperate some and the trip is not too long. Even my 6 foot, 190 pound frame fits back there but requires a legs-open position to accommodate the front seatback which then resides inches from your face. Once, while giving a ride to a friend and his son I had a chance to test the limits. I can attest to the fact that it is possible for a 6'2" 210 pounds person to ride shotgun with a skinny six-footer behind for a short trip though care should be taken through turns as it tends to bottom the already low suspension. Don't make the mistake of being rash and discounting the practicality of the back two seats - without them there would be many times that you could not drive the Ferrari and would have to rely on some other four-seater. Besides, for me there are only two types of driving: 1) when I am driving the Ferrari and 2) when I wish I was driving the Ferrari.