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Though it has been around since 1974 the Ferrari 308 GT4 seems to have found its place in the world of Ferraris. Recent magazine articles have featured the car as one of the best driving V8 Ferraris and an automotive bargain that can be had for less than the price of a new Honda Accord. Ferrari enthusiasts who at one time looked down on its lack of a V12 and its Bertone styled body now appreciate the car for what it is - a great driving Ferrari that you can enjoy every day.

    The 308 GT4 came at a time that Ferrari was reinventing itself. It was still adjusting to the marriage with Fiat that had shifted the production of road cars so as to leave Enzo Ferrari more time and resources to devote to his passion for racing. The first child of this marriage had been the Dino 206 and later the 246 which could supply production based numbers for a competitive Formula Two engine. The 246, though not officially badged as a Ferrari, was well received and quickly earned a place in enthusiast's hearts as the "baby Ferrari." It had a sibling from Fiat as well in the Fiat Dino coupe styled by Bertone and a spyder styled by Pinin Farina. It was from this tangled relationship of Fiat/Ferrari that the design contract went to the pens of Bertone.





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