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home Suspension 

The shocks (dampers) are Koni,double adjustable, aluminum, gas and rather expensive ($1800 for 4) not installed. The spring rates were changed for a stiffer ride more suitable to the track. The anti-sway (roll) bars were increased in diameter and the resilient bushings were changed to solid bushings. The sway-bars, both front & rear are adjustable. Original Ferrari upper/lower "A" arms, front & rear were retained. Stock brakes, disks, calipers, brake pedal & master cylinder were replaced with NASCAR racing brakes for added stopping power. The brake bias (front/rear) is adjustable from the dashboard. These brakes while having great stopping power are relatively inexpensive.They cost about $400 per corner for the disk assembly and 4-piston calipers. Brake pads aren't expensive and are a snap to change. The wheels are 3-piece aluminum and 16"x 10" wide on the front and 16"X12" wide on the rear. The rubber that hits the road on this car is in the form of racing slicks or rain tires depending on conditions. A supplier here in the states sells used slicks pretty inexpensively that have given good results. Miles only uses the car at Ferrari Club events and doesn't race the car professionally.