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Naturally, if owning a Ferrari were such a simple and practical task there would be one parked in every neighborhood. The fact is, however, that ownership requires its own mindset. It is after all an Italian car, a mechanized piece of sculpture designed for rapid transit regardless of cost. Italian mechanics are not necessarily known for being trouble free. Parts can be expensive although those owners with initiative will find that many parts cross-over to less expensive Fiat or Alfa parts. Door handles are reportedly the same as X1/9 ones, radiator fan switches are the same thread as Fiat and Alfas, and although the Ferrari thermostat is unique my Ferrari runs cool with a Robert Shaw brand that my dad had bought for his GMC motorhome. Finding parts that fit often involves a few calls to different folks but you soon learn to remove a part and carry it to a Schucks or Pep Boys and ask if they have one. Invariably they will ask, "Is that off a Toyota?" to which I shyly respond, "No, it's off a Ferrari but a Toyota part may fit."